Larry Platt: “Solution-based journalism intent on changing Philadelphia for the better”

2014-215 SEASON
18 Sep 2014 12:00
The Racquet Club of Philadelphia

September Speaker: Larry Platt Founder / CEO: The Philadelphia CITIZEN

A new media group is coming to Philadelphia

One Stop Shop for Citizen Engagement

002"The state of journalism in Philadelphia has gone from dire to absurd". That is the belief of Larry Platt, former Philadelphia Magazine Editor and Philadelphia Daily News Editor.

A recent survey of Philadelphia Citizens and forums held around the City showed that while Philadelphia citizens are deeply concerned with what is happening in our City it is the minority that get involved in the solutions. The way in which our media present the news is the problem. It is time for solution based journalism, mobilizing citizens to make a difference. Readers will no longer be at the mercy of politicians to solve the problems. Solution based journalism will feature action tools that enable readers to give feedback in real time.

The Philadelphia CITIZEN, a new media group, promises that its' web site coverage will come from the vast sea of publicity available, including crime, statistics, city contracts, real estate transactions and neighborhood events. Their web site will provide a forum for people to propose and discuss solutions to problems. News articles will include web sites and links so that readers can respond directly to elected officials. Individuals and groups who have implemented innovative ways for addressing local problems will have the opportunity to showcase videos sharing their ideas and inviting other residents to participate.

005"We need your help bringing together a group of citizens from all areas of Philadelphia and walks of life to have a say in how our City is run. We need your energy, your ideas and your financial support."

Larry has brought together a group of local citizens to begin the design and implementation of the Citizen website: thephiladelphiacitizen. Included in this group are Ajaj Raju(attorney),Buzz Bissinger (columnist), Zack Stalberg (formerly with the Committee of 70) Jacob Weisberg (Slate) and Jeremy Nowak (Consultant). You are invited to visit the website to present your ideas and join a solution based journalism that is changing Philadelphia for the better.


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